Cop per Wi res Fiber Optics See how cable stacks up to Fios®. Fiber optics are glass wires that use light to transmit data. This is just a fancy way of saying Fios gives you the best sharing, streaming and gaming experience. This technology helps make sure your signal stays strong and clear and allows us to provide the fastest internet and Wi-Fi available.^ ^Symmetrical speed options available up to 500/500 Mbps. Fastest Wi-Fi is based on internet speed plans and maximum router throughput available. In the last mile leading up to your home, cable uses copper wires that can be corroded. This sort of damage can lead to a less reliable connection. Each device you connect to the internet uses a portion of your overall speed. And during times when more people are online, copper wiring can create a digital bottleneck that slows data down. That could mean choppy video chats, glitchy games and slower streaming. Copper wires are vulnerable to damage and outages during storms or other bad weather. Storms that take out power lines or extreme cold can tear or break the copper wiring. Which makes getting stuck at home even worse. Because fiber-optic wires use light to transmit signals, they’re less vulnerable to interference, giving you 99.9% network reliability. Fios feeds fiber-optic technology all the way to your home, giving you a strong signal with fewer bandwidth restrictions than cable. In fact, our average upload bandwidth capacity is 30x higher than cable.** **Based on Fios GPON upload access network bandwidth capacity of 1200 Mbps and 32 households & cable capacity of 120 Mbps and a typical node size of 125 households for DOCSIS with 4 bonded channels. Fios is not cable. We’re wired differently. See what a 100% fiber-optic network means for you. Better speed. Better bandwidth. Better reliability.
Did you know Fios TV was rated #1 in HD picture quality and signal reliability in the 2015 American Customer Satisfaction Index. + Did you know Fios internet was rated #1 for overall quality in the 2015 American Customer Satisfaction Index. + Did you know Guess what? Some cable companies claim to use fiber optics but Fios is the largest 100% fiber-optic network. + Did you know Did you know, only Fios gives you equal upload and download speeds? +
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Click and drag left to see the past with cable. Click and drag right to explore the future with Fios. Future Past
You’ve seen the past. Now explore the future. Only a 100% fiber-optic network is designed with the capacity to easily adapt and provide more speed and support. It’s time to switch to technology built for the future. See offer The wires cable companies use to send signals to your home were created in 1948. Fiber connectivity was created years later to improve the quality and reliability of signal delivery. Copper wires were made to support rotary phones and TV screens that definitely couldn’t fit in the palm of your hand. Cable was great for the technology of the past. It may not be so great for the technology of the future. Fios was created in 2005 using the latest fiber wiring. It was designed to handle changing technology and your growing bandwidth needs. As you add more devices to your home, you’ll need internet that can keep up.